We’re seeing an explosion of new Arts & Culture right here on the Gold Coast

– Cr. Bob La Castra


The City showcased its arts credentials to the hundreds of thousands of visitors at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Festival 2018 boasted a bold, aspirational arts and cultural program that galvanised a city, inspired audiences and celebrated the Games.

Festival 2018 featured 17 new productions from Gold Coast artists – with a distinctly Gold Coast flavour and a future for exports and touring.

The City accelerated the arts and culture sector through investment leading into the Games and will continue to reap the benefits from the successful event.

Over the past four years the City has provided countless growth opportunities to support local artists across many areas of council including; Events, Libraries, Grants, Community Services, Safety, Arts and Culture, Major Projects, City Infrastructure and City Place Making.

The City believes that leadership through cultural investment will grow the creative community and diversify our city’s economy through creative enterprise.

The vision to preserve and prolong our reputation as a thriving cultural hub has been outlined in the Culture Strategy 2023.

The strategy aims to explore and deliver new ways to help grow and support local talent and artists in creating unique, vibrant content with a distinct ‘Gold Coast’ edge.


The City’s commitment to investment into arts and culture has created unpreceded intrigue around the quality, diversity and type of product created on the Gold Coast.

Our $7 million arts sector investment, via the Accelerated Cultural Development Program, and the delivery of the new Cultural Precinct sets the Gold Coast apart as a dynamic and culturally progressive regional city.

Just beyond the sands of Surfers Paradise sits ‘HOTA, Home of the Arts’ – a heartland for arts, culture and creative enterprise for years to come. A state-of-the-art facility focused on better connecting our locals into the city’s thriving arts and culture scene.

The Precinct is a space for an eclectic mix of activity such as theatre, music, media, dance and visual arts. By its side, recreation facilities with swimming and volleyball accommodated in the master plan. Cinemas, galleries and dining opportunities will also feed into a rich cultural experience amidst a sub-tropical oasis upon completion.

Over the next 10 years, the Gold Coast’s cultural landscape will continue to change and evolve and drive economic growth.


Culture is at the heart of everything on the Gold Coast. Our culture is entrepreneurial, organic, and taps into the vibrant energy and free spirit of our city. Allowing minds and souls to find balance through creative art and expression.

Artists and creative thinkers have been drawn to the Gold Coast for decades with thanks to our vast array of cultural events like Bleach* Festival, the Gold Coast Film Festival and Swell Sculpture Festival.

To keep local talent thriving on the Gold Coast, the City offers The Arts Organisations Triennial Funding Program.

The program aims to build the City’s arts sector ecology and support the development of new work, innovation, entrepreneurship, artistic excellence and cultural leadership.

In a recent survey captured by the City, Gold Coast locals were asked to rate their perception of arts and culture in terms of their lifestyle preferences.

  • 80% of the community were in strong agreement that arts and cultural activity helps locals enjoy a greater quality of life.
  • 74% of the community agreed that arts and cultural activity promotes an appreciation of the city’s unique characteristics and its people.
  • 76% of the community were in strong agreement that Gold Coast arts and cultural activity strengthens pride in this city.
  • 75% of the community were in strong agreement that arts and cultural activity promotes understanding and the value of different cultures.
  • 86% of the community were in strong agreement that it is important that arts and cultural activity happens in this city.

Survey: Capturing Cultural Impact survey (October 2017).



To view the 2023 Cultural Strategy click here.