Innovative Digital City

Technology is the way of the future, and the Gold Coast is a city with a firm focus on the future

– Mayor Tom Tate


Gold Coast leaders are focused on creating an environment for business growth and fostering the ‘have a go’ spirit that the city was built on. The foundations for a technology-lead city are already being put into place to ensure economic prosperity and safety across the city.

The Gold Coast as a digital powerhouse begins with installation of fibre optic cabling, expanding the CCTV camera network and energy saving LED streetlights and solar panels.


The City is investing $5.5 million installing an optic fibre system that is 10 times faster than NBN. The 20 kilometres of high speed fibre will follow the light rail route to Helensvale and will support the delivery of world-class broadband speeds for thousands of businesses and residences.

The benefits of fibre will also boost the city’s CCTV capacity and support our Disaster Management Unit.


Free Wi-Fi in the city will not only enhance visitor experience on the Gold Coast, but also strengthen connectivity and entice trade to more than 50,000 local businesses. Our music, sporting and cultural events will have availability to be broadcast live across the globe, showing off what the city has to offer and encouraging tourism.

Fibre optic across the city will also create a safer environment with thanks to reduced costs to CCTV cameras, and therefore more scope to install more across the city in time.