Our Natural City


With a natural landscape of more than 51 per cent, the Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most biodiverse cities.

Boasting world-class beaches, nearly 700km of bush trails and a climate that is the envy of the world, leading an active and healthy lifestyle becomes routine in a city like ours.

One of the City’s largest priorities is to ensure we live in balance with the 352 species of birds, 84 species of mammals, 74 species of reptiles and 585 species of fauna – to name a few.

We are committed to expanding community access and use of the city’s hidden natural gems while safeguarding our wetlands waterways, rainforests, bushland, coastal and marineland environment.


Millions of dollars are being invested in restoring ecosystems and fauna through weed control, natural regeneration, revegetation, maintenance, and education and conservation programs.

‘Our Natural City Strategy’ to 2022 seeks to achieve a vibrant and resilient natural city where development is managed to provide the infrastructure and jobs essential to nurture a respectful balance with nature.


As the Gold Coast grows, so too does our portfolio of events, infrastructure and economic endeavours. Showcasing our natural assets has never been of greater importance.

We are host to Australia’s most iconic wildlife and proud of it. We are committed to protecting all forms of nature and treat it as core business.


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Our Natural City Strategy
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Uploaded 12 January 2018